Concerts or parts of concerts that took place here...

-> Male instrumenty (small intruments) is a band from Poland who plays on kids instruments only.
There was a concerts for the adults in the evening, and this one, for the kids, in the afternoon.
Check the psychedelic climax at the end..Tough kids!

Frankie Fairfield - 26 septembre 2010 - Cave12

La cave 12 à l'écurie... ->

NHK - 7th september 2012 -Cave12

NHK (Japon)
Kouhei Matsunaga : électronique
Toshio Mounehiro : électronique
Cave12 at l'ecurie...

Ionic South - Jo la noise - Yvan&Lendl - 12 mars 2010

The cream of the double cream of swiss music.
Highly recommended and generous

Les ateliers autogérés - 2011

Un concert donné par des enfants.

Will Guthrie - 25 mars 2012 - Cave12

Solo de batterie, acoustique, dans le noir...
Will Guthrie:
Cave12 at l'ecurie...

Richard Dawson - 10 mars 2013 - Cave12

Richard Dawson: guitar, voice -> site
La cave 12 à l'écurie... ->

O lendario Chucrobillyman - 13 septembre 2011

"Hello, it's Mr. Occhio, we are in geneva and we want to play. Can we play at your place tonight? we are two one-man-band.."
And they did! Here's O lendario Chucrobillyman's performance... Occhio's got lost in his guitar case..
l'écurie - rue de Montbrillant 14 - genève