Parsifal (Brussels Pony Club) / Nina Nana et DENZ / Sugar&Divorce

samedi 4 novembre 2017

Parsifal Biography

When you walk through a dark alley and you knock upon a door, go down the scary staircase into a blue mist, there he is; sweating, performing, singing. For quite some time, Parsifal has been navigating through the Brussels Electronic scene as a singer and lyricist. After starting the musical project Brussels Pony Club in 2010 with Producer and Dj DkA , his vocal input has been featured on several projects. Sailing on the creativity of these collaborations, Parsifal's voice has evolved into a versatile instrument, expressing a different sound in each harbour. His influences are too many to mention for he is inspired by everything he sees, hears and feels. His magnetic and charismatic stage energy is simply unforgettable; in essence making clubs, parties and even public spaces from Brussels to Paris, Hannover and Berlin his own. In this way, Parsifal tries to share his view on life. The best way to describe his philosophy would be by quoting Oscar Wilde: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." This is where he can be found: head in the clouds, feet on the ground.

La Denz ET le Nana, prendront les corps au dépourvu, nous pouvons déjà vous dire que n'aurons jamais dansé comme vous danserez comme nous dansons quand le son nous prend au dépourvu dans un corps à corps dansant.


et puis DJ Sugartits & DJ Divorce Express
Naughty beats for your kinky dancing butts


l'écurie - rue de Montbrillant 14 - genève